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FOIA Reports

Downloading Reports

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Annual Reports

In accordance with the Electronic FOIA Amendments of 1996, each federal agency is required to submit annual reports regarding FOIA activities and make these reports electronically available. These reports contain basic information such as how and where to make FOIA requests, program costs, and processing statistics.

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FOIA Annual Report - 2019
FOIA Annual Report - 2018
FOIA Annual Report - 2017
FOIA Annual Report - 2016
FOIA Annual Report - 2015
FOIA Annual Report - 2014
FOIA Annual Report - 2013
FOIA Annual Report - 2012
FOIA Annual Report - 2011
FOIA Annual Report - 2010
FOIA Annual Report - 2009
FOIA Annual Report - 2008
FOIA Annual Report - 2007
FOIA Annual Report - 2006
FOIA Annual Report - 2005
FOIA Annual Report - 2004
FOIA Annual Report - 2003
FOIA Annual Report - 2002
FOIA Annual Report - 2001
FOIA Annual Report - 2000
FOIA Annual Report - 1999
FOIA Annual Report - 1998

Quarterly Reports

On December 4, 2012, the Office of Information Policy at the Department of Justice notified agencies and the public that beginning January 2013 all agencies will be required to provide quarterly reporting of four key FOIA statistics to the Department of Justice that will be posted on The four key statistics are:

  • The number of requests received during the reporting period
  • The number of requests processed during the reporting period
  • The number of requests in an agency’s backlog at the end of the reporting period
  • The progress being made to close the agency’s ten overall oldest pending FOIA requests from the previous Fiscal Year

Title Download As...
FOIA Quarterly Report Q4, FY19
FOIA Quarterly Report Q3, FY19
FOIA Quarterly Report Q2, FY19
FOIA Quarterly Report Q1, FY19
FOIA Quarterly Report Q4, FY18
FOIA Quarterly Report Q3, FY18
FOIA Quarterly Report Q2, FY18
FOIA Quarterly Report Q1, FY18
FOIA Quarterly Report Q4, FY17
FOIA Quarterly Report Q3, FY17
FOIA Quarterly Report Q2, FY17
FOIA Quarterly Report Q1, FY17
FOIA Quarterly Report Q4, FY16
FOIA Quarterly Report Q3, FY16
FOIA Quarterly Report Q2, FY16
FOIA Quarterly Report Q1, FY16
FOIA Quarterly Report Q4, FY15
FOIA Quarterly Report Q3, FY15
FOIA Quarterly Report Q2, FY15
FOIA Quarterly Report Q1, FY15
FOIA Quarterly Report Q4, FY14
FOIA Quarterly Report Q3, FY14
FOIA Quarterly Report Q2, FY14
FOIA Quarterly Report Q1, FY14
FOIA Quarterly Report Q4, FY13
FOIA Quarterly Report Q3, FY13
FOIA Quarterly Report Q2, FY13
FOIA Quarterly Report Q1, FY13

Chief FOIA Officer Reports

On March 19, 2009, Attorney General Holder issued new FOIA guidelines which called on all agencies to reaffirm the government’s “commitment to accountability and transparency. In accordance with these commitments, the Attorney General directed agency Chief FOIA Officers to review “all aspects of their agencies' FOIA administration” and to report each year to the Department of Justice on the steps taken “to improve FOIA operations and facilitate information disclosure.”

Title Download As...
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2020
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2019
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2018
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2017
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2016
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2015
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2014
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2013
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2012
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2011
Chief FOIA Officer Report - 2010
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